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Welcome to D-Ice's rolled ice creams

About Us


Who We Are


D-Ice was born with the idea of offering great tasting freshly made Thai fried ice cream rolls, Taiwanese bubble teas and smoothies, D Secret layered drinks, and the Korean smoky frozen snack called Dino Breath.

Every cup is passionately and masterly created for your pleasure. You will find real fruits and exciting toppings that are tempting and delicious to your eyes and taste buds.

D-Ice hopes to offer you an out of this world experience, an experience like being in love. Every single bite of the ice cream rolls and every single sip of the delightful drinks will be something sweet to remember and make you feel on top of the world.

Come for a sensational life experience at D-Ice. Better still, bring your friends and loved ones with you.

Experience the  "Now, that's what I call ice cream, ......"


Our Flavors

Our flavors are so uniquely blended and taste so good that you will not want to stop after enjoying the love at first bite/sip.

The recipes have been specially created after much trials to ensure that our customers get to enjoy the real awesome tastes. 

You get to enjoy the real ingredients and/or fruity taste. Thai Fried (Rolled) Ice Cream in Evansville.

D-Ice offers many different natural flavored rolled ice creams. We have flavors for the conservative as well as for the adventurous, ranging from chocolate and vanilla to black sesame and sweet sour chili flavors.

Come for the FIRST OF IT'S KIND of ice cream in Evansville, Indiana.


Come Find Us


Eastland Mall Food Court - 800 N Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715 


Columbia Mall Food Court, 2300 Bernadette Dr, Columbia, MO 65203

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